Mutiny Does Whatever the Hell It Wants!

Mutiny Does Whatever the Hell It Wants!

"Mutiny Does Whatever the Hell It Wants" is Mutiny's owners, Rev Jim Norris and Matt MegaC, talking about whatever they want, with whoever they want. They are talking to some cool people they know from around Denver, about things they do and love. Authors, Artists, Musicians and Personalities give their story in an hour long show, Friday nights at 7pm(ish). Video recorded at Grafenberg TV, just south of Mutiny Information Cafe on S Broadway.

Episode 8: Ben "OPT WON" Chavez

Monday, 08 June 2020 18:21
Here we go again. Our good buddy, Ben Chavez. Ben is "Opt Won, #Chubbyrobot #Wearepuma #Fr8Heavy #LosConejosMuertos Coffee-Hip Hop- Sneaker Head - Collector of Nostalgia Lover of Art Denver Born and raised" from his IG profile.
Alan Brooks is a long time friend of Mutiny Information Cafe. We loved talking to him about comics, Atlanta to Denver...
Love Alicia Cardenas! So great to have such a strong woman to lead the charge with us. Lots of ground covered; COVID, masks, tattoos...
OMG Dan Crosier is a jack of all trades in the art world. A Horror afficianado, illustrator, sculptor, director (see "Isolation Man"), muralist and so much more. Hear about he ALMOST DIED!
Meet Rob Rover Rushing, of Punk Rock Saves Lives. Rob tells Mutiiny about the work he does to help with theh health and wellbeing of those int he punk rock world. He alsp tells stories of going on tour, his early punk rock life, and more. Check IT!
Mutiny chit chats with Ryan Policky of Bloodshed Deathbath, and the guy who owns and takes care of the pinball machines at the store. They talk about Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown, Elvira, horror movies and more. Join us, won't you?

Episode 2: Luke Schmaltz and The Belcher

Saturday, 16 May 2020 15:07
The Mutiny guys sit down with Luke Schmaltz; leader of King Rat, contributer to Modern Drunkard Magazine, writer of the Belcher. Luke talks about his new book, Denver Joe, the old Denver, and more.