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Nalo Hopkinson - Brown Girl Did Her Thing!

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In this episode, recorded last year (a few months into the pandemic), I talk with the wonderful Nalo Hopkinson! 

Nalo was one of the few authors who was hand-picked by Neil Gaiman to write new comic books in the world of Sandman, she’s a professor at UCR, and she’s written a gang of her own brilliant sci-fi novels, like Skin FolkMidnight Robber, and Brown Girl In The Ring, which inspired a film!


Because of my own pandemic struggles, it’s taken me a few months to upload this interview, but Nalo is charming, funny, and beautifully sincere. You’re gonna enjoy this one!

Oh, and I mentioned this last episode, but I gave a TEDTalk, called, "When the World Is Burning, Is Art A Waste of Time?", which is over 700,000 views currently!

Check this interview out!

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